Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling for a Cat Chat

I really enjoy thinking random thoughts.  It's such a great distraction and can keep me busy all day long.  

Tony the Tiger should have a talk with that Chester the Cheetah.

I wonder if you find it disturbing that Chester is such a spiteful and revengeful instigator, that he understands how to manipulate those that are already as spiteful and vengeful as he.  He waits, sitting in outside cafes and at playgrounds, awaiting to play the little voice on the your shoulder, and he’s not sitting on the angel side of your conscience. He seems to influence those that already have the same mind set because the commercial makes sure to show you the full agreement in his accomplice’s eyes. 

But then he disappears and you realize that the person is as petty as you thought or maybe we should excuse their behavior because “Chester” was whispering in their ear. Besides the other person deserved it, right? They were annoying. Who really is the culprit here? I’m confused. Does Chester want me to like the product or not?  But again, it’s just a fantasy after all, just something we wished we could do, but never really would. Isn't it?

I don’t know why this commercial disturbs me. I am apparently not their target market. It might thrill the cockles of some pubescent teens, but the characters are all adults and so I must ask, what is the message? Maybe I don’t get it.   I just thought that if Tony the Tiger heard about these shenanigans, he certainly would want to have a big brotherly talk with Chester, big cat to big cat.  If not, I wish he’d punch him in the face


Keely said...

"Thrill the cockles". Hehheheh.

He always did seem a bit sketchy. Like the guy that shows up at parties and has 'stuff' but nobody will admit to inviting him.

Ellie Belen said...

I know. I really wanted to say it.

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