Monday, October 17, 2011

Short-Timers Advice

Time can not be wasted at this point.  It is running short.

To recognize this fact is to see all things anew.

I am surrounded by folks whose time is running short, my parents, my husband's parents.  When I worked at the bank it was located near two senior citizen high rises.  I met a lot people whose time was short.  And they always had the same advice.  And they gave it with a sense of urgency.  

That's why I listened.

They will tell you the truth about time.   Time should not be confused with the past or the future.  Time deals strictly on a now basis. They will make you realize that time is urgent.

For some the urgency drives them crazy because they can no longer control what happens in time. They can't ignore it anymore. It becomes the elephant in the room.

Sickness and infirmity keeps them from spending time well. Time is fleeting and they don't have the strength left to capture it again.  It becomes lost.  And they want it back so badly.  Some desperately.  They want time back to show how much they appreciate it now.

For some, they look to others to give them or help them fill time.  Sometimes, no one is willing to give their time.  No one visits.  No one is compelled.  There are no hobbies or interests to create time.  Time was not used wisely. Time was not honored for its potential to give and enrich. You did not take the time, so why should time or anyone else do it now.

For others, family and friends help to fill the time. Gifts of time are presented and offered with love and joy.  Time was used more wisely, and is much more hospitable as it marches along.  Time does not scare them as much.  They've used time wisely. They resign themselves and step in line and march along with time, sometimes hand in hand.

Time is not to be wasted.  That is their message.

Time should not be taken for granted.   She'll bitch slap you when finally after years, you take notice of her.  Time can also be very cruel.  That is also part of the short-timers message.

It is an abstract idea at first - what time is exactly.  Many look for a concrete example to understand it better.  So people measure it.  They put in on a scale.  As long as the scale says lots of time, they ignore it.  Time seems plentiful.  There is no urgency.  Time can wait.

The mistake is reading the measurement of time in this way.  When time is at its most abundant is exactly when time is the most useful, the most generous, and most efficiently used.  It's heavy weight signals you to use it to its fullest measure, not save it.  Time is vibrant, healthy, and has great legs.   Use them.  Use them now.

That is their message. And the short-timers always add urgently...    Please.  I beg you.  Don't wait.  Take time now.

(After spending the weekend along the shore of Lake Michigan, a weekend I had promised to my 80 year old parents.  A place they love but without the means to get there.  I had to take them, and take them now.  There is no time to lose.  .... To report, we had a lovely time.  It was time very well spent.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Handyman Love

What is it about a handyman husband that can fix all your stuff when it breaks down?  Why do I find that so sexy?

It must be a throw back to when females chose their mates by their ability to provide, to hunt down the wooly mammoth and consistently put meat on the table.  He has skills.  A man that can fix things.  Successfully.  Be still my heart.

Replacing things are costly.  When he fixes the lawn mower, the toaster, my micro tape recorder, the washer, my hot rollers, the car, the plumbing, and my sewing machine, he saves us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.  That's money that we I can spend on more important things.  Yeah, baby!

It's such a gift when something you think is dead and gone is suddenly restored and handed back with pride and love.   When he says,"Let me see what I can do about that."  My heart beats a little faster.

That's damn sexy.
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