Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Happiness


I love being around little kids.  The four to six year old set are the best.  If only I could shrink down to their size and run around like a nut like they do, that would be heaven.

I held our annual Valentine' s parents night out and kid's sleep-over at our school. The school becomes an indoor playground and we set it up so there's cool stuff to do in every corner.  One of my five year old students, Maya, came running up to me and said, "This is the best time I've ever had in my whole life! In My Whole Life!"   I take being the highlight of any child's day as a real compliment, but of their whole existence. Now we're talking.

Speaking about highlight of the day, Smokey the dog was not left behind.  Since he is our guest for three months, we didn't feel right leaving him home alone for so long. Besides he seems to me to be a dog that would like a good party.  So Smokey went to the sleep-over too.  With six Lil' Dragons constantly on his tail lavishing love and attention, he had a great time.  He slept all day the next day.  That's what happens when you party too much.

Speaking of partying, I plan to be celebrating this weekend and for so many random reasons, yet  connected.

First:  Road Trip. Yeah!
QueenMaker and I will be hitting the road and I love it. A short road trip, only four hours, but enough time to have great conversations, break out some jams and a gigantic bag of trail mix.

Second: Going to Chicago.  Sweet!
Beginning to like this city more and more, except for the surprising thirty-one dollar parking fee.  We've been to the Historic Museum, to the Aquarium, had Chicago style pizza, and checked out the University of Chicago.  My son moved there almost six months ago, long enough to explore what the city has to offer.  We're going to Chinatown, a jazz club, and checking out a Frank Lloyd Wright home in the area. We're looking forward to his tour.

Third:  My Son, Beloved.  (blinking back the tears)
My one and only and I miss him dearly.  This is our reason for going, to see our son. Our friendship with him continues to grow. Since our parent/child relationship is partially behind us, we hope that he continues to turn to us not only as his parents but as his dear friends as well.

Fourth:  Permanent Full Time Employment. Yeah!
Beloved has been discovered!  He has part-time employment at a bookstore and hired as a coffee barista, but he works in all the departments when needed.  His store is closing so he's been worried about finding a new job.   A woman customer noticed that he was everywhere it seemed at once. She complimented on his excellent customer service and his willingness to help out his fellow co-workers.  And then she offered him a job. Full-time employment with benefits and a raise in pay.  Woo-hoo!

Fifth: My Wedding Anniversary! Kisses.
This is why I picked this weekend to go see our son.  To celebrate our love, to celebrate what our union gave us, Beloved, and to celebrate the many years of happiness we have shared.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Distracted Bitch - And It's Not My Dog

In this edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts, a secret is revealed, eccentric persona emerge, a geological phenomena simile. "Cats! Dogs! Living together...!", metaphors for life, and a husband gets a break.


Here's a little secret.  I've changed.

Inside this sweet, fuzzy warm, very loving sheep's clothing I've been wearing for the last decade or two, was once a hardened, seething, anguished waiting-to-pounce bitch.  She doesn't appear anymore.

Okay. Maybe a couple days of the month, she reappears, but really just a mere shadow of her past self and only for minutes at a time.  Really.  Take my word for it.  She's hardly recognizable anymore.   Right Honey?

Now, where did he go?

But like the newly formed volcano, erupting angry lava carelessly in its youth, years and years of trials and tribulations, of experience and wisdom have cooled down the exterior.  It hibernates in the depths, underneath cool waters and spring meadows.  No longer recognized as a volcano.  Really.  It's true.

But occasionally steam does rises.  It's sounds like a slow hiss.

And it sounds like a cat's hiss.  And I am very much a cat.

Smokey, our temporary dog boarder, just wants to be loved.  And loved.  And loved.   And loved.

His exuberance and "love-me" eyes were hard to resist, but now when I come through the door I find it maddening, so I have taken to ignoring his requests for instant affection gratification.  Later on, he will  insist that ignoring him is just out of the question.  So I relent.

Now I'm not one that likes things that are too needy.  Girlfriends who need to be pacified too much, boyfriends that need constant validation, folks that are touchy feel-y, arm tappers, wide-eyed dramatic people (besides myself), and delusional love starved dogs.

Because They. Want. Too. Much. And since I don't have the personality or fortitude to give it to them, I feel slightly guilty and put upon, and seriously, who needs that?

So the dog and I have been going through a ritual, a one sided conversation where I tell him all the things I won't do for him.  Telling him to stop watching me.   To quit following me around the house all the time.  Don't you dare lick me.  That I recognize his ploy of bringing me his toys.  Interrupting conversations by chomping on his squeaky toy. That this is MY food and I'm not sharing.  Sure he gets the occasional display of affection. But  I let him know that I am not going to sit there and pet him for hours.

As the dog and I were going another round, QueenMaker looks at Smokey and gratefully says:

"Dog, you don't know how happy I am to have you here."

Touche.  QueenMaker.  Touche.

So off you go to Keely's for more random happenings and distractions.  You'll find a lovely group of personalities there that you'll want to get to know. They don't seem too needy either.  Awesome.
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