Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eye Candy and Food Jewelry

Sometimes I really want the things that I just can't afford.  Every time I walk into a specialty shop, I have to admire their gorgeous displays.  Each and every time, I allow myself five minutes eyeing each beautiful gem with desire in my heart.  I'm always tempted to spend the money, to pick up a little box and secretly enjoy in private my lovely little treasure.

But I sigh and smile at my self control.  I've saved QueenMaker so much money, if only he knew. How many goodies could I have bought myself, hundreds and hundreds.  But I have learned to walk away, satisfying my eyes and savoring them in my imagination.

I circle and circle the store, fluttering to every display case, eyeing the beautiful rings of gold, the exquisite detail and color on each setting, the way the light hits each glistening surface...

QueenMaker, "Why are you circling those pastries like that?"  

"I'm admiring them.  I admire the donuts, the cakes, the pies. They are like little gems in a jewelry box.  Aren't they beautiful?"

"Yes, yes they are."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Little Brew

Oh you sweet little brew, my love for you grew and grew.
You kept my hands warm all winter long.
But seven cups a day to keep warm is just wrong.

Each morning I wake to the whirling sound of the bean grinder.
And when the aroma fills the air, instead of grumpy, I feel kinder.

When the coffee pots makes it’s last gaaawfaaaw, expelling its last drop
My man grabs the milk and splashes just a bit of it into my cup.

But alas our coffee clutches are now just a one-time morning affair.
Too many cups a day and you’ll find me doubled over in a chair.

No matter how many times a day I must run and find a place to pee
You will always be in my life. I need you. I love you, my dearest sweet coffee. 

Got this tidbit of information from coffee bump blog.
Studies have show that drinking coffee actually offers antioxidant benefits that can protect you from premature age and disease.  What's more astounding is by sniffing your favorite Java, it can still offer those same antioxidant properties to combat the damaging effects of stress in your body's cells.  That's right, smelling coffee brings down your stress levels. 

So smelling coffee is just as good as drinking it.  Ah, No.

Anyways in support of all coffee lovers and Jen from Blissfully Caffeinated, (hope you're feeling much better), go over to Jenni's blog Oscarelli to read more about this delicious brew.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grown Up Talk

After watching a program on Michigan Television called Pain of Depression: A Journey Through the Darkness, I  commented to QueenMaker how nice it was that I was witnessing a grown-up conversation, full of insights, examples and scenarios that help me learn and understand the comprehensive subject at hand.  This is something that I was not accustomed to, but wholeheartedly welcomed and enjoyed. No yelling, no animosity, just a panel of experts from a court justice, mental health professionals, journalists, advocates, lawyers, judges, and scholars listening to the various scenarios and rendering their expert opinion on the facts, the known and realistic actions that will take place in each query posed to them. Don't worry there was always someone playing devil's advocate to offer an opposing position. I have watched these discussions on other subjects as well, always fascinating. 

Queenmaker told me it was because they were talking philosophy.  "Philosophy doesn't yell. Politics does. Philosophy seeks to understand.  Politics seek to dominate.  Believe, me, philosophy disengaged with politics years ago." 

Where did all the grown-ups dissolve to?

I think we need to find a philosophy...or something.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Wistful Dear So-and-So

Dear Father-in-Law,

Could you please not get the Alzheimer disease yet?  I’m not prepared.  I didn’t know how quickly it would or could take hold.  You and Mom (an invalid) live an hour away.  Your job of taking care of your wife will become mine.  I am realizing that my life is going to be overtaken by your lives. Can I have a month or two to get used to the idea?  No.  Okay, I understand.


Your wistful daughter.

Dear Mother-in-law,

You’ve called in a panicked state the last two days since your husband has been in the hospital.  Because of your illness, emphysema and COPD, you have abrogated all thought processes to your husband for the last decade. So when you called me I said, “Step up to the plate. What happened to that woman that was a single mom, taking care of her kid, and working two jobs?  The woman who used to take care of business, the accountant, the avid reader, the capable woman I used to know? Don’t worry I will be there to do for you, but I won’t take over ALL of your responsibilities as you have given to your husband. You need to help me as much as you need me to help you.  Make some phone calls woman, ask questions, be a proactive advocate. You are not helpless.


Your Partner in Illness

Dear Life,

Why do you insist on changing on a dime?  What, did you see a dime on the ground? Did I step on it by accident?  Maybe it was someone else’s dime.  I know, I know.  I stepped on it anyways.  I won't fight it.


Learning to Balance Life as It Comes

Visit Dear So and So...

Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

In my opinion, there is a strong reason why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  It was something almost imperceptible, but I'm sure I heard it, and even felt it myself.

It was the almost audible collective sigh that every nation gave when they heard he won the  U.S. Presidential election.

You know how satisfying a sigh can be, especially one of that magnitude.  A sigh of relief is one of the best feelings a world can experience.  So if one man can do that for the entirety of the world, if he can make it sigh, then by golly give him the prize!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aunt Ellie Holds A Baby

Baby Holding - Awesome!

At a mere five pounds, he fits so perfectly in the crook of my arm.  It's been a while since I held a baby but it always feels so right.  The maternal gene kicks into high gear, a smile spreads across my face, a feeling of complete contentment comes over me, and it seems like I have found my calling.  I was born to hold babies.

Not necessarily have them.  Just hold them.
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