Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grown Up Talk

After watching a program on Michigan Television called Pain of Depression: A Journey Through the Darkness, I  commented to QueenMaker how nice it was that I was witnessing a grown-up conversation, full of insights, examples and scenarios that help me learn and understand the comprehensive subject at hand.  This is something that I was not accustomed to, but wholeheartedly welcomed and enjoyed. No yelling, no animosity, just a panel of experts from a court justice, mental health professionals, journalists, advocates, lawyers, judges, and scholars listening to the various scenarios and rendering their expert opinion on the facts, the known and realistic actions that will take place in each query posed to them. Don't worry there was always someone playing devil's advocate to offer an opposing position. I have watched these discussions on other subjects as well, always fascinating. 

Queenmaker told me it was because they were talking philosophy.  "Philosophy doesn't yell. Politics does. Philosophy seeks to understand.  Politics seek to dominate.  Believe, me, philosophy disengaged with politics years ago." 

Where did all the grown-ups dissolve to?

I think we need to find a philosophy...or something.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I followed your cute owl over from a comment thread, so it's my first time here.

Love your post. I teach 10th grade and the other day two students were arguing about Buddism. One said it was a philosophy and not a religion. The other said it surely was a religion as her grandparents were Buddists and went to temple.

Captain Dumbass said...

Or something.

Chris said...

You guys are deep. But what you say is true. Politics DO seek to dominate. So well stated.

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