Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Little Brew

Oh you sweet little brew, my love for you grew and grew.
You kept my hands warm all winter long.
But seven cups a day to keep warm is just wrong.

Each morning I wake to the whirling sound of the bean grinder.
And when the aroma fills the air, instead of grumpy, I feel kinder.

When the coffee pots makes it’s last gaaawfaaaw, expelling its last drop
My man grabs the milk and splashes just a bit of it into my cup.

But alas our coffee clutches are now just a one-time morning affair.
Too many cups a day and you’ll find me doubled over in a chair.

No matter how many times a day I must run and find a place to pee
You will always be in my life. I need you. I love you, my dearest sweet coffee. 

Got this tidbit of information from coffee bump blog.
Studies have show that drinking coffee actually offers antioxidant benefits that can protect you from premature age and disease.  What's more astounding is by sniffing your favorite Java, it can still offer those same antioxidant properties to combat the damaging effects of stress in your body's cells.  That's right, smelling coffee brings down your stress levels. 

So smelling coffee is just as good as drinking it.  Ah, No.

Anyways in support of all coffee lovers and Jen from Blissfully Caffeinated, (hope you're feeling much better), go over to Jenni's blog Oscarelli to read more about this delicious brew.


Jenni said...

I can smell the coffee from here. Great post; you're linked up.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I love the poem! I wrote one too, I just love the stuff so much.

Michele said...

I use to own a coffee roasting business and spent all day everyday smelling coffee. I should be the mellowest person alive. Cool!

blissfully caffeinated said...

Thanks for the great post! xo

Chris said...

I read so much conflicting information on coffee. I've switched to green tea, but sneak a cup or four of coffee a week. I LOVE coffee though, so it's difficult. Green tea isn't quite the same, but I'm adapting. :-)

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