Monday, November 8, 2010

Whistler's Mother

Let me start out by saying, I will be 52 years old in a couple of months.  I've been told that I look younger.  I chose to believe people when they say that because I'm always grasping for straws of hope that age hasn't caught up with me yet.   But actually it's probably because I don't have that "put together look" that most women learn by now.   Anyways, I dress for comfort and warmth.  And I'm feeling and looking old.   I'm tired of it.   I'm tired of wearing clothes that don't flatter.  I look at my dismal wardrobe and think, "What was I thinking?"

So after watching a mountain of episodes of the program, "What Not to Wear" and several marathons of "Say Yes to the Dress" and rushing home every Thursday to watch my favorite program "Project Runway," I've come to learn the magical powers of the empire waist.  I've learned what an A-line skirt can do for the legs.  I learned that wearing baggy clothing to hide your body backfires. I learned that any size woman can find clothes that make her look terrific. I learned the meaning of the flattering silhouette, proportion, styling, and couture.

So after a few months of experimentation, I'm buying things I never would have even looked at before.   I went sleeveless for the first time this summer.  I bought my first sandals. Sandals that show my feet and toes. Egads!  I try everything on and if it doesn't look absolutely fabulous on me, I won't buy it.  Not even if it is 60% off!

I straightened my curly hair.  It's actually pretty long. My stomach got flatter when I figured out what foods made me feel inflamed and got rid of them. I still need to start an exercise program, but girl, I've been saying that for three decades.

Compliments are nice to hear again.  People ask me if I have lost weight.   Not an ounce.   But miracle upon miracles, I got whistled at and not by the 70-year-old, old dude down the street.  I haven't been whistled at in 25 years.   I got whooped at too.   Hells Bells!

Men, again, look me over instead of look over me.   It's a nice nod to my ego, but since I've been working on reaching an ego-less state, the effect was negligible.  Plus for some inexplicable reason, I found I didn't really miss or even want it.  I forgot what it felt like to be given a USDA meat grade upon inspection. It's disconcerting. I'm definitely not Prime nor Choice. Hoping for the Select cut.  But now, I only want to be selected by my one and only man.

I never thought I would get noticed in that way again.  I knew my whistling days were way, way over.  Apparently, the key here is flattering clothes and - great distance.  At a distance (at least a half a block) I look effin' hot!

But it's hard to keep it all up.  Lately, I've been sick, twisted my back, and hurt my shoulder when reaching too far to get something, so there are plenty of reminders of my age to keep me humble.  It's easy to go back to the comfort of my sweats or baggy jeans.  Been in them again for about a month. But I plan to keep it up and have my eye on revamping my winter wardrobe.

The last guy that drove by and whistled was rather young. He stuck his body out of the car waving his hands.  I just shook my head, perturbed that he couldn't tell the difference and yelled for him to get a pair of glasses.

I was old enough to be that whistler's mother.


unmitigated me said...

My dear, the problem with 'the men we love' is that we could look like Barney the Dinosaur and they would still want sex with us. So that's the wrong opinion. YOURS is the one that counts. If you don't read Already Pretty, you should! Sally is a genius!

unmitigated me said...

I see she's in your reader list. Maybe we need a pilgrimage to Minnesota so we can take her to thrift stores for advice!

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