Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks is a Two Way Street

Giving Thanks is the Spin Cycle topic this week.  Alas, the Spin Cycle will be on hiatus for a while, but I'm thankful to have participated while it was around.  Thanks, Jen.

See there.  See what I just did?  I gave Jen thanks.

I feel we should think about turning "Thanks" around.   I want to GET thanks.  I want to hear a lot of thanks.

Thanks is a two way street.

My "Get Thanks" project has been implemented for quite some time now.  My goal: to hear thanks more than I say it.

My mission is to do or give to another human being.  To uplift the human condition ever so slightly throughout my day, at every opportunity that presents itself.  If you can get someone to say thank you then you are giving to the world instead of taking.... except for the thanks.  You have to take that.

No matter how great or small the deed, I want to create a situation where there is a thanks involved.  If I say it, I always follow up with how that person made my day, or how lovely they look, or how grateful I am of their good service, or how nice it was to meet them. I want to cultivate this ability in getting a thanks into an art form.  Better yet, maybe a super power.  

I'm not seeking acknowledgment of my goodness or to have anyone beholden to me.  I don't need to be there when the thanks is given.  It's not that type of ego trip.   I'm seeking to bring thankfulness into someone else's heart.

When the heart is trained to love, to welcome, and to thank even a wee bit, it's equivalent to getting a small jolt of positive electricity. It jump starts the heart.  It brings a smile to a face and health to the body.

Thanks is a two way street. so get more thank yous instead of saying them. Find someone and do something really nice, or tell them something nice, or just be the super sweet person that you are because you'll get a thank you and a smile.

So do both, give thanks and help create it.  Drive back and forth on that graceful road called Thanks.

You're welcome.  Ah, my work here is done.

Now go visit the Spin Cycle for more of the thankful.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I completely agree! And I, for one, am going to do something about it! I have a little thing coming up, a give away of sorts, for just this..
You're linked and thanks for Spinning!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love that idea! Thanks for that! ;)

SC: Giving Thanks

Jimmy said...

What an excellent idea, you are so right if we just get out and do something good for others then the Thanks we get will really be a blessing, and the more thanks we give the more we will get in return.

You are so right though in that it is not about the acknowledgment but about helping others who really need it.

Thank You for getting this message out, with this type of help for others look at how much nicer this old world will be.

tulpen said...

Paying the Thanks forward, of course. Love this.

Jim Styro said...

Thanks for being my friend.
And thanks for continuing to share your thoughts through this blog.

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