Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potatoes are Free Balling

This week's Spin Cycle is anything goes.  We can choose our own topic.  My Spin is my challenge with language.

I have always had a problem expressing myself verbally.  You will find a rather lengthy post describing my problem.  An example I used in that post was when I wanted Queenmaker to get the milk out of the fridge for me.

"Honey, could you, um, um get, ah, ah grass! COW! um, um, you know, liquid-y WHITE!  Cold! in big box?"

Poor guy, he didn't have a clue. He even looked around the room trying to find what I'm talking about. Bless him.

The other day I said,

"I'm going downstairs to stitch, jeans, um, um, Water! Soap! Switch-y machine! ah, ah Clean. Basket. Stuff."    Translation: I'm going downstairs to start some laundry.

But my latest, Potatoes are Free Balling. Whew. Wow. I don't even know what to say.

QueenMaker and I decided that in the future we would bake potatoes without wrapping them in foil -  Aluminum - Alzheimer connection scare. We now bake potatoes in a casserole dish.  They taste better.  Or maybe I think they taste better than being foiled because its supposedly a healthier way to go, so of course they taste better.

Anyways, I was trying to express to QueenMaker that the potatoes had a drier texture than those wrapped up in foil, which produced more steam.  I said,

"They're drier but still tender.  These potatoes were not harnessed, um, they were free from, um, um, they weren't wrapped up, um, um (hitting my head hoping for clarity). The potatoes are free balling it!"

QueenMaker, "WHAT!"

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Middle Aged Woman said...

What are the parsnips up to?

Sprite's Keeper said...

This may say a lot about me, but I completely understand!
I do that with John. I'll ask him to go get Sprite some milk and completely blank on the word milk and it comes out as "thingie". He HATES that. :-)
You're linked!

Belle said...

Hah! This post perfectly describes the side effects to one of the headache medicines I used to take.. Topamax! I would go around and around a word trying to describe it because I couldn't think of it. Makes life interesting, eh!?

VandyJ said...

I to get stuck on words. The thought process goes along just fine and then it stops. I start to stammer and almost stutter trying to get the correct word out in the right order. Then there are the times when the words come but I switch the sounds. My husband looks at me wierd when that happens.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

My mother has your same problem. We've learned to interpret. So I laughed all the way through this!

You should try roasting your potatoes- works great in a glass dish and you can still put sour cream, chives, cheese and all other sorts of lovely goodness on them when they're done!

Mama Badger said...

I knew those potatoes were naughty.

Kate Hanke said...

I hate when I can't get the right word out...I find it happens often!

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