Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Four and Five Year Olds

Dear So and So...
Visit 3 Bedroom Bungalow for more Dear So and So's. This is my first one.  

Dear four and five year olds,

Please refrain from calling my name 17 times in one minute.  Although my ability to hear three conversations at once is amazing, I can’t possible do five, six, or seven.  The cacophony of noise actually made my brain freeze.

Yours in hiding, Teach

Dear four and five year olds,

My bad. After my brain unfroze, I realized my mistake.  Please raise your hands if you want to talk to me.  Thanks.

Hopeful, Teach.

Dear four and five year olds,

I meant raise your hands and wait until I look at you before talking.  Thanks a heap.

Got it Now, Teach.

(With a deep breath and thinking, "How do real teachers do this?) 

Dearest four and five year-olds,

Again my apologies. Raise your hand and wait until I call your name before you start talking. 

Learning lessons, Teach

Dear four and five year olds,

Please don’t get angry because I call someone else’s name first. I’m sorry I didn’t get to you fast enough, no offense meant. That furrowed brow of yours is so deep I’m tempted to sow some seed.

Tired, Teach

Dear four and five year olds,

Mom and Dad are here to pick you up.  I will see you tomorrow.  It will be a different day I’m sure.  I will be better prepared, I promise.  I’ll figure it out. I’ll be going to bed early tonight, and for my sake, please do the same.

Lessons learned, Teach


Kat said...

As the mom of a 5 year old, you have my sympathies.

Lorri said...

Wonderful! As a former daycare owner I do remember the blissfull, rejuvenating qualities of silence once those little voices were gone for the day! And the next day always begins new and hopeful.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Eve 6th graders need to be reminded! I think we forget that children aren't born knowing how to behave in school. And your school is so FUN, it's extra hard!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Oh my gosh! I forgot to say I LOOOOVED this post.

Raven said...

LOL!! Awesome post! I don't teach but I have my own kids and I can only imagine having a room full of 4 and 5 year-olds.

Ellie Belen said...

Thanks. I usually have four or five children at the most, but this day I had ten. My class is a Lil' Dragon class. I thought my ability to control a class was fairly good, but then the competition was on to get my attention.

For those teachers that have to handle 20 to 30 students at a time in a regular class setting, I applaud you. A standing ovation, even.

Jim Styro said...

Nice job. I knew there was a downside to popularity; you reminded me of what it is.

Chris said...

A Lil' Dragon class? Are you a martial arts teacher? My middle son is loving taking karate at Bushi Ban.

Funny, funny!

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