Friday, March 26, 2010

Will the Real Me, Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up

It's supposed to be about ME.  Jen at Sprite"s Keeper assignment was to write something about myself.

Well after years of living with me, I've finally realized a few things.  I can tell you who I was.  I guess I'm pretty much the same person, expect a little wiser, a little more retrospect, a lot less angst.

ME, ME, Me, Me, Me, me, me.  

See that little me there at the end of the line.  That's the me I like to be.  Hopefully no one will notice me.  At least not too much.  It rare to be the middle me, but that is who I play most of the day. The big me, no way, no how. Okay, maybe when I'm really mad, then big Scary ME comes out.  But is there a big vivacious ME? No.  I like the middle, balance you know.

I'm a lazy woman but only when it comes to housework.  Give me a project, work assignment, a job doing for others, cleaning someone else's home and I'm a dynamo. I'm an overachiever. I'll go beyond  the call of duty. I'll think of every contingency, complete the task in lightening speed, stay until its done or obliterate every speck of dust.

Apparently I am in need of a lot of approval.  I guess I do need to be noticed, and I get it through the work I do.  It seems I need people to say good job, great presentation, the house never looked better. See that, I redirected your gaze at my work, not at me.  Good job.

Here is one example of things I won't do for myself but will for someone else.

Like most women my age, I should lose weight.  I should get more exercise.  I want to be a healthier, a stealthier me. But will I do that for myself?  No, it's not convenient right now.  I don't feel it right now. I don't have the motivation the drive. All the excuses or permissions I give myself not to work out.

Well now I am dog-sitting Smokey.  And guess what?  Smokey usually lives with my 80 year old parents, so I know he doesn't get the exercise he needs to burn off  extra energy or to keep healthy.  So in my quest to do a great job, to do for someone or something else, to prove that I am the best dog-sitter in the world, Smokey walks every day for a mile and a half and we walk fast.

Every. Single. Effin. Day.  And we both reap the benefits.

So me apparently needs to be needed to be the best me I can.

Now give yourself a hug and go to Sprite's Keeper to read more wonderful ME stories


Middle Aged Woman said...

Hey! When do you walk with Smokey? Do you want some human company? I need to do some movin'!

pegbur7 said...

How freakin cute is that little guy? Adorable!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I left a great comment which got eaten. Dang it! I completely understand about doing for others and being less than enthused for doing your own. I like compliments on my work, not me. :-)
You're linked!

Elle Em En said...

OK the line "a healthier, stealthier me" is just awesome.

And I get that whole doing for others. I come from a long line that has a caretaker mentality. Good to know that in walking Smokey you're getting some of what you want too.

Patty O. said...

Oh, I can so relate to this in so many ways.

joz1234 said...

I can relate to you very much. I am an approval-needer too. I do a much better job when I am seeking approval. Sad, but true. This is one of the reasons I like my blog so much...I love the comments. :) It is awesome to know that your words inspired someone else to not only read, but comment on your work.

Great spin. Love the Me,Me,me,me..all in different sizes too. very creative. :)

only a movie said...

Great spin. I like "healthier and stealthier..." I wish I could do that for myself too.
Thanks for stopping by!

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