Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Middle Aged Tween


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Since I recently discovered that my life is beautiful and that I am happy, I find that I want to do everything. I want to have contact. I want to see places. I want to go out to lunch. I want to go to go see the Grand Canyon. I want to visit my son at his job, an exquisite little tearoom on top of a bookstore, and have tea and crumpets. I want to take my elderly parents on a trip they would enjoy. I want to go to have a party. I want to hang out with the women I know. I want to start a club. I want to talk to my sisters and brother, hang out, and eat pecan sandies. I want to help Queenmaker reach his goals. I want to help Beloved reach his goals. I want the new nieces and nephews to know who I am. I want to learn to play the piano. I want to write a book. I want to take pictures. I want to feel. I want to experience. I want, I want, I want.

I feel like a Middle Aged Tween. Tweens dream a lot and want a lot. That’s where I am today. I am between being a mom and a grandmother. At first I was a little down about it, the fact that I don’t hear the word Mom as often as I want. I suspect I have about five to six years before I’m tagged as a grandma. But my attitude has changed, a paradigm shift has happened. Here is an opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity for a lot of me time. A new chapter in life is afoot. I should be going nuts.

Is this the time for me to wear outrageous outfits, wear clothes much too young for me, get a younger haircut, and shed those pounds and work on strengthening my core? Is this the time that I finally get my own style, my own rhythm? I should travel and explore the world. If only I had the bucks. Aaah, there’s the rub. Just like tweens, I want a lot and dream a lot, but usually we’re stuck in between some thing and some place and can’t get anywhere.

Time is getting short people! I need to get on the move now. I’ve got five years or so before I become Grandma. The young woman still in me needs to bust out. I need to move. I need to grove. I want to be a diva!

Wait, Queenmaker is informing me that it’s called a mid-life crisis. No, I am not in a crisis. I am in discovery. So, I’m renaming it. I’m a Middle Aged Tween.


GreenJello said...

I think I'll end up being a grandma before all the kids are out of the house. That's what I get for having so many of them. :)

Ellie Belen said...

Although I have always hoped for more kids, I'm left with a lot of time on my hands. Not sure which is better.

Here's hoping you get a little time in between to catch your breath and for some long deserved "you" time.

Keely said...

It's not a crisis! It's an opportunity!

By the time I'm 'free',I'll be senile. That's what I get for doing the 'tween' thing until I was 34 ;)

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