Thursday, January 20, 2011

She Needs to Know

I was inspired by the connection we made today when my mother called from Puerto Rico. 

She Needs to Know 

She called wanting to know.  That’s what a Mom needs. 
She needs to know. Everything.
If she can know
then maybe she won’t worry so much. 
She’ll keep connected to the people she loves. 
A connection that cannot possibly ever be severed.

If she knows, maybe she can be there for her child.
Maybe there will be a need to console,
to advise, or to cry with her child. 
Or maybe to cheer, rejoice, congratulate,
or exclaim like the days of old.
But best of all maybe to laugh
and be more than mother and child
and thereby find joint joy.

By knowing, she can imagine
that eyebrow of yours going up,
the glint in your eye when
you’ve made a decision,
the way you look when you’re pensive. 
Her connection is experience.

She needs to know
because she believes she’s the one person
that knows you better than you know yourself.
She imagines the thoughts and emotions running through you.
And feels it with you so far away.

And when She called, I made it light and airy. 
There was nothing new to report
No crisis, no triumphs, a typical cold day.
Much like hers except there’s heat in her day.
Nothing that needed much knowing
No underlying need to role-play mother and child
But I know that She likes to console and feel needed
so I complained of all I had to do.
And she told me to slow down and take it easy.

So we laughed, we talked
Of happy things, listening to the joy
And the harmony within our voices.
Because now I know what She knows
Our ages are far closer than our years
And I know and feel the same need
To be the She, wanting to know.

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