Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leaving His Heartbroken Parents Behind

He's in bed right now.  In his own bed, in his old bedroom.  His lease was up on his apartment so he moved home for his last two weeks in Michigan.  QueenMaker and I get a few more days with our boy before he moves to Chi-town.

This means we will see him less.  Visits will be farther apart.  Luckily Chicago is not that far away, just a four hour drive. QueenMaker and I are already planning our trips.

He is about to embark in a new adventure.  He loves adventure.  He loves new experiences.  So the move will be a welcomed change from life in Ann Arbor.  He will explore his new city with gusto and call us with his discoveries.

We get to discover it too.  Looking forward to Chicago deep dish pizza, the museums, the aquarium, and whatever else Chicago has to offer.

His dad has voiced it more than I have of late.  I think he'll miss his son more than any of us know. So when Beloved packs his belongings into his car and drives away, our hearts will be breaking a little.

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Captain Dumbass said...

Luckily I have a long time before I have to worry about that.

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