Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Kindest Eyes

I've been thinking about my nephew lately. He lives in California. I keep seeing his face.  About a year ago, he was here for a visit and during an anniversary party we had an opportunity to sit down and talk with him.  We miss him very much.  

QueenMaker said, “Will has the most kindest eyes I have ever seen.  Did you notice when he’s speaking to people, his eyes are always gentle and full of kindness.  What a great young man.”

To my nephew:

When a good soul comes along
It makes the world brighter
He’s good nature, helpful, and full of love
The glass is always full, his smile always shining

When he talks, he talks about family
The bonds of joy, the ties between us
He gathers us to him, his eyes singing his love
He wants and needs to know what we know

We watch him, his manner infectious
We smile because he smiles
We laugh because he laughs
We love because he loves so much

And when he listens, he listens with his whole being
With the most gentle eyes ever expressed
With the fullest of kindness that reaches deep
And when you speak and look into his eyes, 
your beings meet, talking soul to soul. 

Come visit us soon.  

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