Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Admission

Distracted? Constantly.  And by all the small stuff?  Definitely.  Why?  Because it keeps me from doing the truly important things that need to be done.  I'll admit I'm a life long procrastinator and self saboteur.  Throw in a bit of laziness and avoidance behavior and you have a great formula for getting nothing done. Bad combo if you are an entrepreneur.  

So what is a person in my position to do?  Of course I need to seem busy or better yet, to seem industrious. I start major projects that require a lot of research, thinking, and decision making. Research gives me lots of options. Options gives me a great deal to think about.  Trying to make the correct choice or decision requires a more confident and intelligent mind than mine. But every time I ask him, he says,  "Whatever you want sweetheart." What's a girl to do? 

Of course this takes up a lot of time, days and weeks of it.  One thing leads me to the next which requires more research, thinking, and decision making.  There is always a goal. But in the end nothing really gets done, at least not in a timely fashion.  And on top of that....

Hey.  Wait.  Did something small and minute just float by?  Boy, that's really interesting.  Sorry, what was I saying?  Hey, there it is again.  Where's my magnifying glass?  I'll be right back. 

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