Thursday, June 9, 2011

Decorating with a Bulldozer - Spin Cycle

The Spin Cycle topic is decorating.  Lovely when you actually finish a project. But what if...?   I'm ashamed of what I am about to show you.

Ha, ha decorating.  For someone who loves, loves, loves watching everything HGTV you'd think I would have a handle on this decorating business.  I did at least paint an accent wall in my dining room (yeah for me) and made a group of pillows for my living room to pull the colors together. Put new tile on the bathroom floor, changed the vanity but that's about it.

But really it's the time constraints, the big commitment, the fear of finding out what is under there that has stopped us.

We fell for the myth that your first home will most likely be your starter home, out in five, with bigger and better things yet to come.  I couldn't wait for the time when we would be "moving on up."  But 24 years later, we are still in our little bungalow. We were such suckers.

I never liked the house much because it reminded me too much of my mom's house.  As a new bride and mother to be, I wanted something that was mine, something new, something fresh.  This wasn't it.

Finally I had to admit that after 10 years that this was our home forever, and we needed to add our personal touch to make it reflect our tastes.   We did a few cosmetic changes but soon realized we needed to overhaul a few rooms, okay really all of them. A major problem is that the house is so old, the oldest in the neighborhood that we don't really want to put a lot of money into the place.  Especially since every other house similar in size and age to our home has been bulldozed.  Just didn't make sense. But after this many years, I just couldn't stand it anymore.

So Beloved decided we'd start with the kitchen.  Due to slight water damage the paint on the kitchen ceiling started to peel.  So he started to remove the paint, layers and layers of it.  Until we hit the red paint layer, which refuses to come off the ceiling.  What would possess someone to paint fire engine red on a kitchen ceiling!  We realized that if you let it alone, that eventually it was easier to get off bit by bit. That was a few years ago.

The last stubborn spot.

A year later, trying to psyche ourselves into finishing the project, we bought flooring for the kitchen too.  We planned to be 'weekend warriors' and get that floor in ASAP.  That was a few years ago.

Sitting in the basement, no doubt warping

Here is the wall paper in our living room.  Looks very much like the same wall paper on Laura and Rob Petrie's bedroom wall in the Dick Van Dyke Show.  After an all day session of cooking an ethnic family traditional food for the holidays with my mom and sisters, which required four gigantic pots boiling on my stove for hours, creating enough steam that old wall paper will bubble and slide down your walls.  Who would of thunk? We managed to get the paper back into place before it dried permanently that way.

See the pretty birdies and butterflies, and the bubble seams?

So after a few weeks I realized it was a lost cause and started removing it.  But alas, layers of paint came off with it, removing down to the plaster in some places, and then Beloved scared me by mentioning lead paint, so I stopped.  That was a few years ago.

Just lovely

A nice touch would be to redo the wood floors, but that would mean removing everything from the house and dust would be everywhere for weeks, on all my stuff, up my nose, in the vents, the hardship, the work, the stress... crap, let's forget that.

When they bulldoze the house, someone should save this flooring

Oh yeah and the tub, the big fat, taking all the room, I can hardly manage to get in and out without killing myself tub.

See how close the vanity and toilet is to the tub. That's it for room.

So I have been waiting for years for the decorating angel to visit me or possess me, maybe bring a heavenly host of angels with her, a crew if you will.  Maybe better yet, if she brought me a winning lottery ticket so that I could hire my own crew, that would be special.... wait.... winning lottery ticket, hmm.    Let's bulldoze the 'mother' down!  Yeah!  Now that's a make-over.

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