Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mid Day Malaise - Get this Earth Off Me

I've decided to blog during my mid day malaise.

In the throws of it right now.  Mind wondering, eyes drooping, my knees notice more the weight of the Earth's gravity as it pulls my upper body downward.

Get this Earth's pull off me.    Please.

But it's only one o'clock.  Grab the keys. Go.

I'm walking aimlessly around to and fro, my thoughts flitting here and there.  

I should stay up and be productive, not meaning it, can't mean it.

My will is ebbing.  Undisciplined and under exercised body wilting looking for a place to sink into for a just twenty minutes.

But first....

I must write this blog.  


unmitigated me said...

Give in to the nap! I do.

tulpen said...

Naps are my best friend. I wish we could spend more time together.

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